Unburied By Caitlyn Siehl


Back again. Bones above ground.
Wind chime fingers in my hair.
A quiet knife-tongue on my shoulder.

An ancient ruin. Your teeth the
twenty eight steps to the
broken temple.
Fuck you. Fuck me. Eat my
palm. Eat my offering.
Climb down. Climb back.

I don’t want to make sense to
anything, I just want to be the
stone you grind into powder.

Love, my violent myth, my
terrifying air.

Turn my water to wine. Eat
my heart out. Feed it to the sun.

Back again. Back again.
Unburied. Unburied and
pale. Dirt under my fingernails
because I like saving you.

Love, my angry body weeping.
Your sleeping mouth tattooed
on my sternum.
Love, my vicious secret.
Love, my hungry dream.

By Caitlyn Siehl


Caitlyn Siehl is a poet from New Jersey. Currently finishing her senior year of college, she is going on to receive her Master’s degree in Communication at Rutgers University. She has published one book of poetry entitled What We Buried and has co-edited two poetry collections entitled Literary Sexts Volume 1 and Literary Sexts Volume II, all through Words Dance Publishing. She enjoys spicy Jalapeno chips and being surrounded by dogs at all times.

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