One in Six (A Drag King Slam Poem) By Stacy McKeigue

One in Six (A Drag King Slam Poem)

“Hey, baby,” as you slide into my space
like it’s your goddamn place,
like it’s a party and you got an invite.
‘Cause I’m the only chick in site
in this empty convenience store.
I must look so damn fine
in my capris and post-biking shine,
looking for the eggs
while you try to get to mine.

Why don’t you point your erection
in another direction
‘cause it’s a line I just won’t bite,
or suck, or blow.
You see this isn’t a show.
I’m not up on display
with the soda pop and bubble gum.
I didn’t come here to get laid.

When I go to the bar,
I won’t get in your car.
I can do fine on my own.
I don’t need a ride home;
I came here to drink
and let loose and dance,
so please, keep it in your pants.
Stick it between your legs
if you have to
‘cause tonight I’m not sleeping with you.

And walking down the street?
Now, aren’t you sweet—
whistling at my ass
while I’m just trying to pass?
Have you never seen a girl before?
No, Ill get the door.

Because “one in six”
say the current statistics
about women and sexual attack.
Do I have to watch my back
everywhere I go?
Put on drag
just to make your member sag?
Always dress in suit and tie,
learn to act like a guy
so you’ll leave me alone?

I’m not an object you can bone.
It’s called consent, and you’ll need it.
If you don’t have it, then beat it.
Because I’m so sick, dude,
of your misogynistic attitude.
You’re a flesh-hungry vulture
in this fucking rape culture.

I’m not asking for it in a pencil skirt
or if I’m wearing a ratty old shirt.
I don’t want it if my hair’s a mess
or if I’m in a form-fitting dress.

And in case you still think I’m just a sex toy,
no, I don’t even want it dressed as a boy.

Stacy McKeigue


Stacy McKeigue is a junior digital media major/creative writing minor at Valparaiso University. She enjoys taking walks through wooded areas and has a fondness for ferrets and lab rats. She believes that every experience is fodder for writing. Stacy thinks there’s something to be said about the contribution procrastination makes to the creative process…but that can wait. While she typically works in fixed forms, Stacy’s recently taken to experimenting with slam poetry. This piece was especially written for her first drag show, in which she performed as a king under the name Toby Scott. Stacy’s greatest ambitions are to make a lasting impact on readers, to be a well-known name in the literary world, and to spend a few years living in England someday. Her poetry and short stories have previously appeared in The Lighter, her university’s fine arts magazine. If you like what you’ve read, you can find more of her work in online versions of The Lighter or on her Tumblr blog, Have Quill, Will Write. Thanks for reading and supporting the arts and social justice!

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