You Don’t Need to Seek, You are Already Free By Victoria Martinez

The following poem  floats upon the questions we ask ourselves that eventually drive us mad: “Why are we here?” “When will it end?” “What is our purpose here on earth?” “Who am I?” and “What am I?” “Am I crazy?” I think we are so caught up in the deadly highs of illusion we forget to breathe.Without religion or some concept of a higher power or consciousness there are no answers to these questions. No matter how hard we search for answers, without accepting the spiritual realities of our world, as they are, we will never be truly free. At least I won’t.

You Don’t Need to Seek, You are already Free

there’s a deceptive land built inside the mind.
don’t search, don’t run in circles seeking,
don’t try to find the wonders,
the creatures will come when told!
don’t rush, be patient and watch it all unfold.

There is always a man who seems quite free,
who’s eyes can see what you can’t see.
He will sit and watch as you take a glance,
to see the land and take a chance.
with no forewarning you begin to walk,
stomping loudly, you begin to talk and talk and talk.
As you say all the things you need not say,
you can’t hear the sly liars in the busyness of day to day.
Although they smile and seem calm and kind,
you have no clue what is really on their mind.
While their felonious and evil thoughts go undetected,
you unknowingly shoot up their behaviors,
now you are infected!

Now you’re a creature just like them,
you don’t do what you want or mean what you say.
you play the capitalist, the guy with the white fence,
you pretend to be righteous, you pretend there is no wickedness.
you think you achieved the dream!

Remember the man who’s oh so free,
the one who can see what you refuse to see?
He silently watches you play the good guy,
He watches you live and watches you die.
He will watch the next one discover his mind,
He will watch you search and try to find.
He will silently watch as you try to stay sane,
He watches you fight, knowing there is nothing to gain.

It is a waste of your time and many years,
It is not worth the blood, the sweat, and so many tears.
So take my advice, don’t go into that material land of more and all,
that land of consuming all lands large and small.

This is just what it is.
this is how our souls roll,
this is just as it should be.
Don’t search. Don’t seek and
you will be free.

…and just

By Victoria Martinez

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