A Poem to Call Home By Alaska Gold

A Poem to Call Home

It took fifty seven days to find your smile
after the waves washed it away.
This is what we call misplacement;
how we leave our hearts by the door
so they remain tender.

Things have been wrong for so long
you think it somehow makes them right.
So you keep trading your bones
for broken glass,
keep taking too much of the world
into your hands.

You shouldn’t have grown this old so young.

I will lose myself
if it means I can find you.

All this time I’ve been trying to build
something bright enough
to save us both.

Just wait.
That place will be wonderful.
Someday, for sure.

By Alaska Gold

(Previously Published In Growing Light)

Alaska Gold is a Spanish girl, trying to write one true sentence at a time. She is the author of Growing Light, and a part-time zinester. She believes poetry is the result of coming up with a great idea, only to realize you’re not committed enough to write a whole novel about it. She writes blog entries of conversations during bus rides and of people who play with her hair in supermarkets. She’s learning it’s okay to live a life no one understands. Most of all, she’s learning to exist.


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