Ebb and Flow By Mica K

Ebb and Flow

Night like a cairn.
I am snowflake-lonely
beneath. The river churns
mermaid after mermaid
up from the mud, and I
watch their blue tender
bodies being carried
comet-soft to a horizon.
Cannot hear them
through the window glass.
Wish I could. Happy songs?
Songs that tumble
from their lips in pearls,
apple peels, or soda can tabs?
Songs that fade like skies?
Remember this river, for one day
I will stand in it knee-
deep, gold coin in my mouth,
the taste so bitter, so
incurably damp.
Night like a hand.
Mermaid silver-haired
lifts a hand out of the water
and to me. Fingers tremulous.
How far the sea? Farther
than light. I press my lips
to the window glass.
Send me a merman.

By Mica K


Mica K is a twenty year old Virginia kid who gets sentimental about constellations, sunrises, hot tea, and good poetry. They were more than likely born with a book in their hand and a poem in their mouth. They currently study English and Creative Writing at university.

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