Eurydice Walking By Mica K

Eurydice Walking

My heart is full of candle wax
and the deep-belly hunger
of the Dead.

Everything here moves slow:
the flickering shadows,
your tender footsteps,
the poison in my veins.

Do you remember our wedding?
Us both in white, pink orchids
woven in our hair? Hymns
echoing off the clouds?
The softness of our kiss?

Do you remember the tall dry grass
swaying? The jealous satyr
who descended like a fat, heavy fly,
red wine in his beard, dark dirt
beneath his fingernails?

How I fell back slowly,
mouth open, into a black tangle
of wild, seething vipers?

When I woke up in His Arms,
Hades told me that above us
you were weeping.

Love, I hear you weeping now.
Love, your body might be quavering
but it is still so beautiful.

It will be alright. I know
you are brave. Sing
something sweet,
sing something of home.

(I can see your fingers tremble
as they touch the lyre-strings.)

By Mica K


Mica K is a twenty year old Virginia kid who gets sentimental about constellations, sunrises, hot tea, and good poetry. They were more than likely born with a book in their hand and a poem in their mouth. They currently study English and Creative Writing at university.

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