Eurydice Speech By Emma Bosacki

Eurydice Speech

you suck the poison out
or at least
that’s what i heard; snake bite
sucker punch, the works. i’m
trying to delineate what i know –

bad orchestras, ugly hymns,
his voice warbling above it
all, splitting the notes in two

it’s hard, my broken toes
skimming the river, my smile
like a dog bone or peach pit,
the kind of thing that
gets buried

it’s not so terrible, this following,
his fish tackle heart trembling
while he searches for me & then
tries not to look

but that’s a girl i’m not
haunted shack hybrid,
his back as straight as
an unlucky arrow
& just as true

By Emma Bosacki


Emma Bosacki is a poet and storyteller living in Toronto, Ontario. A soon to be student at Queen’s University, she is studying a degree in both English and Classics. Her inspiration comes from other Canadian writers such as Anne Carson, Michael Ondaatje, and Timothy Findley. She lives with her girlfriend and two cats.

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