A Creation Tale By Emily Palermo

A Creation Tale

slipping through the wide open mouth,
this animal scream
cutting itself from the back of the throat,
this salt
burying itself inside the open wound.
Let’s start there.
Let’s start with the pitiful
and work our way back.
If the world ended with sorrow,
was the genesis hopeful?
Or was God so lonely,
he wept the earth alive,
he sculpted bodies out of clay,
bodies that would listen to him,
bodies that would love him back?
Let’s talk about how God shook
from the cold,
how nothing felt
warmer than flesh,
how the universe
was craved into being.

By Emily Palermo


Emily Palermo is a nineteen-year old aspiring writer from Louisiana, where she is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature. Her greatest influences include Richard Siken and Margaret Atwood. In her free time, she likes to frequent coffee shops and bookstores, talk about her dog, and wax poetic about Vincent van Gogh. More of her work can be found at http://starredsoul.tumblr.com/

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