Astronomic Feelings By Valentina Thompson

Astronomic Feelings

This blue speckled home, this
eggshell globe beneath my feet will
rotate 1,040 miles in the next

59 minutes and all I could tell
you that’s moved me would be her
smile.  All I could tell you about
change would be atmospheric

pressure in this ribcage when that
girl walks in a room, I forget
how to speak even though my mouth

has built a bed for her name,
shelter, a roof over
even the thought of her.

But this paper mache planet, this
soaked soil of our roots will complete
a full turn on its axis in 23.93 hours,

and we could compare it to the
background stars, see when it measures
up at the precise alignment and call it
the same, but it is not the same,

it is another rotation in its history
it is not the same because we are always
changing, people are always leaving
and attraction is the marrow of gravity

and the only thing I know about
love is that everything always moves
towards coalescence or collapse.

By Valentina Thompson


Valentina is a 20-year-old queer writer out of Long Beach, CA with a habit of writing to people who don’t love her back and always smiling at strangers. She is currently majoring in English, Creative Writing with a minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and if lost, can often be found in any small coffee shop on a rainy day.

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