Dear Friends By Jordan Hamilton

Dear Friends

If they ever put me on trial for war crimes
it will be because I have been a willing soldier
in the war on your loneliness
committing acts of genocide against your despair
They will sentence me to hang
because I refuse to lay down arms in the
battle against your regrets
The world will see an example made of me
for taking friendship so personally
And as they walk me to the gallows
I will stand tall and my last words will be a
promise to all of you:
“My loyalty is like the horizon
you can never really see the end
My arms are strong and they will always
hold you up
I can carry your burdens
just as easily as my own
My heart may have trouble loving itself
but there will always be room for you to rest here”
I promise I will never leave you behind
All of this
Has always been for you
I want to make your heart beat so fast
You never forget the song your blood sings as it
rushes to your fingertips
I believe
despite popular opinion that your every breath
is as precious as diamonds
never give it away to anyone who can’t appreciate
the luster
like the last bit of hope in the Pandora’s Box that is your chest. Never let it escape.
Let every kiss
you ever get
dance on your tongue like it’s the only language
you’ve ever spoken
Hold on to every friend you ever make
the same way the full moon holds on to the tide
And remember
No matter what they say
are absolutely beautiful
So be beautiful
and dance
like no one is watching
even if you are the only one who can hear
the music
Sing like no one is listening and your
voice is the last chance the world has to
hold itself together
And live
like it’s the only thing you’ve ever loved doing
like life is the last thing your grandmother
ever gave you
or the first thing your father ever
taught you
hold it in your hand like her rosary or like
his hard work & self respect
And when you breathe
feel the air in your chest
like it is trying to escape.

By Jordan Hamilton


Jordan Hamilton is a 23 year old poet from Aransas Pass, Texas. He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2014, where he learned to stare open eyed into clouds of CS gas while reciting Buddy Wakefield’s “Human the Death Dance.” He thinks punk rock can save the world and find his dreams in the stories of strangers. He wants you to know that your survival is the highest form of courage. His work can be found at or in audio format at

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