Solidarity With Ferguson By A.Clark

Solidarity With Ferguson

no justice, no peace
because a white man who shoots people en masse
is given sympathy, excuses, a name, a face,
a story,
whilst an unarmed black boy riddled with bullets
who lies on the street for four hours,
who puts his hands in the air and says
“don’t shoot”
is labelled DANGEROUS.

no justice, no peace
because who needs dystopia in books
when it’s on our tvs, in our news
in our streets,
when we care more about stolen
goods than stolen lives and when
people say “we all bleed the same colour”
but ignore the fact that not everyone
will be made to bleed.

no justice, no peace
because we are told to be calm,
to be accepting, to be peaceful,
to show care and to show restraint
when none of this was offered
to mike brown.

no justice, no peace
because unity isn’t about ignoring injustice;
because restraint should be exercised by
those who hold the power, not
forced onto those who live in fear;
because our anger shouldn’t be
worse than their excuses, because
the law isn’t colourblind and
it shouldn’t just serve those who
act in its name.

no justice, no peace
because a boy was killed, and the
colour of his skin made it legal.

By A. Clark


A.Clark is a 20 year old anarcha-feminist studying sociology in Cambridge, UK. They really like dogs and think that selfies are revolutionary. More of their writing is at

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