Peach Blossoms By William Heath

Peach Blossoms

peach blossoms –
a new voice
in the church choir

the conversation
shifts again
. . . fireflies

beyond reach. . .
those tiny apples
so deep within

summer’s end
what was once a child
moongazes with me

where two streams meet
maple leaves
beginning to turn

By William Heath


I am a semi-retired teacher at a small private school in New Hampshire, and the director of a tutoring organization. To me, there is nothing better than having an opportunity to work with students in creative writing. It’s rare that haiku and haibun are not a key component in my classes. They like it and so do I.

I live in central New Hampshire (“by the big lake” as locals say) with my wife Jacqueline, dogs Cosmo and Jake, and a cat with no name.

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