September Letter From The Editors

As the birds of Boston emptied their nests in preparation for migration, we unveiled the September issue of The Rising Phoenix Review, the fifth in our history. Together with a new group of talented poets, a baker’s dozen to be exact, we continued our mission of spreading social change through poetry. September became the most viewed edition in our history. More importantly, we shared every single poem in our archive with a wider audience. Our staff is astounded by the way our publication grew this summer. We are humbled that so many writers embraced the mission of our magazine and chose to call our nest their home. Every writer we published filled our hearts with more hope for the world than the Sox have ever crammed into Fenway Park.

In our small corner of the city, we have a megaphone and a rooftop. We pledge to continue broadcasting the voices of poets across the world, collectively striving to build a better existence one poem at a time.

Peace be with you always,

The RPR Team

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