In Response To Delhi By Ang Shuang

In Response To Delhi

1 billion people and half ‘have 
no value’. 615 million women 
and only 20% are ‘good’.
I am tired of men who think
they rule the world. I am tired
of men who use the word ‘cunt’
without thinking of where they
slipped out from. I am tired of
men with greedy hands, men with
wandering eyes, men with the nerve 
to blame their rapacity on 
strips of skin. I am tired of 
the words ‘indecent’, ‘revealing’,
and most of all, ‘she asked for it’.
I am tired of period jokes, of 
driving jokes, of kitchen jokes.
I am tired of cities built on the bones 
of women, then named after men.
You call us prudes one minute,
then sluts the next.
You ask for ladies in the street,
but freaks in the sheets.
You name hurricanes after us,
then tell us not to ‘fight back’.
Set us alight. Go ahead.
I hope you choke on our ashes.

By Ang Shuang


Ang Shuang is a 21 year old dreamer from Singapore. She writes a lot about love.

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