A Change of Climate By A. S. Maulucci

A Change Of Climate

In the morning when the birds are chattering,
I wake from dreams both wild and strange.
My taste of contentment is but a smattering.
My thoughts come into focus on a world of change.

Weeks have flowed by on the current of illusion.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so to bed,
The world in chaos and life passes in confusion,
Many come to birth, and many more are dead.

So go the cycles of our spinning Earth.
The masses labor to get hold of what they lack,
And spend their meager dollars for an ounce of mirth,
While the rich fight to keep their business in the black.

What can one make of all this struggle and striving?
Populations explode and humanity keeps on working.
Like billions of bees whose instinct is for hiving,
Our goal is survival despite the doom that’s lurking.

More and more of Nature do we plunder,
The storms are lashing fiercer, the seas are rising,
There’s anger in the cry of her deep thunder,
And every morning fewer birds are singing.

A Great Beast has come up from Nature’s bowels,
A grendel who lives to open its jaws and devour.
We can smell its foul breath and hear its howls,
Without a doubt we’ve reached the final hour.

Yet we dance forward oblivious of these facts,
So determined are we to get our pleasure from consuming.
Self-destruction drives our thoughtless acts,
And annihilation of our race is darkly looming.

Awaken to the danger, Humanity, rise and take heed!
The times compel us to make a fine distinction
Between what we want and what we truly need!
Our race is racing recklessly onward to extinction!

By A. S. Maulucci


A.S. Maulucci is a playwright-poet-novelist and world citizen. Author of 15 books and 6 full-length plays, he holds an MA from Wesleyan University, and currently makes his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he writes, paints and enjoys exploring the local culture with his Mexican wife, a book designer. His work has appeared in publications throughout North America. Maulucci’s books are available in print and Kindle editions from Amazon.com.  You can find more of Maulucci’s work on Blogpot

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