A Study of War By Alyson Brown

A Study of War

war: like an underwater
submarine off the coast of russia.
wiretaps and hushed conversations
and missiles ready 5000 miles away.

war: like a college student who
straps a bomb to his chest. anonymous
correspondence, burner phones, a gun
to the back of his mother’s head.

war: like the slow takeover of a
nation. trillions of dollars in debt with
taxes increasing, foreign investment,
made in china.

war: like an exhibition of all the ways
humanity has failed. a loss of understanding,
a loss of open communication, a loss of
life. pointless.

By Alyson Brown


Alyson Brown is a high school writer who lives in San Diego, California. Along with writing poetry in her free time, she does speech and debate and helps with her school magazine. She aspires to make a difference in people’s lives with her writing. You can find more of her work on tumblr at c0nstellationofdreams.tumblr.com.

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