The Last Match By Anjeliqueca Bajita

The Last Match

my heart is breaking.
are we burning these matches
for nothing?
lighting candles for vigils for
innocent lives
washed upon shores
torn by strife.
the world sees your light
but some are blinded.
Let your image be the last
to spark a fire
that will blaze within
this generation,
fueling us to act.
let now be the time to
create our present,
shape our future.
but the past is greedy.
the old man monopolizes
time + treasury.
gunshots monopolize the mic,
and red dominates the
beautiful colors of our
my heart is breaking.
the beautiful blacks
and browns of your skin
are hidden by
red. hot. violence.
my heart is breaking.
wisdom brings hope
from the voice of a girl.
there is youth whose
eyes are open; they
know they suffer
at the hands of the
powerful(ly corrupt).
there is no such thing
as too young
when a child’s life is
snuffed out by the sea
because those who monopolize us
also label and divide
– but there is no
so we burn these matches
to light candles for vigils
for innocent lives,
hoping the world sees your light,
hoping to start a fire
that will blaze within
this generation,
fueling us to act.
hoping this will be the last

By Anjeliqueca Bajita


Anjeliqueca “Jel” Bajita is an undergraduate senior at the University of Southern California School of Architecture. She is also a graduate student at the Price School of Public Policy. Aside from her studies, Anjeliqueca is a woman trying to find her voice. Her poems explore struggles with identity, injustice, empowerment, and holistic healing. In her spare time, Anjeliqueca works odd jobs, practices yoga, and fosters community action through her school and her sorority. She seeks balance; within and externally. She is currently working on a collection of poetry and prose. Her work can be found at

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