The Poet Steals Some Meaning By Cecilie K.

The Poet Steals Some Meaning

The bartender has a tattoo of a magpie,
and when no one is looking it leaps off his arm and steals the twinkle in the eye of
the prettiest girl in the bar.
It steals the pearly smile of the boy flirting with her.
And when they leave they think it was all in the reflection of the bottles.
The bartender has a nest in the hollow of his mouth,
when he laughs he spills jewels everywhere.
He pours drinks and mixes cocktails like you used to mix metaphors.
The magpie looks at you and you look back,
it eyes the knife you keep on the tip of your tongue and it wants,
like only thieves want.
So you take home the man and open your mouth to the bird.
When they leave the next light,
your ribs have been pried open with clever fingers and a clever beak.
And now you’re all feathers and wet empty mouth.

By Cecilie K.


Cecilie K. Is a 26 year old Norwegian, lives in London on her 5th year. She murders tomato plants, but is good at growing strawberries. She has sugar packets everywhere, it’s weird.  Cecilie is currently working on multiple publishing projects, first of which will be published late November 2015. She likes to use a lot of colorful imagery in her writing, mixing confessional poetry with urban fantasy elements. She loves Leonard Cohen with a passion and spends a lot of time clutching her chest and being in awe of some of her favourite poets on tumblr. Find more at

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