Three Cities Grow Silent, The World Sheds A Tear By Disha Ahluwalia

Three Cities Grow Silent, The World Sheds A Tear

In Beirut, the sound of an explosion
deafened a young boy to his mother’s laugh
and his father’s voice. The blasts left
a community stripped off any sense of security.

Not a day had passed until,
in Baghdad, a funeral branched itself out
into over twenty more funerals, and mourners
became the ones to be mourned.

Hours later, in Paris, gunshots spread
the news of the terror that is
the world today and wounded bodies
spilt in the city like yolk from an egg.

Less than twenty four hours
left the earth shaking with fear.
Three cities grew silent,
while the world shed a tear.

Cities that bred love have hate
splattered across their streets,
as innocent souls fell victim
to the brutal games of greed.

What did those poor souls do
for you to snatch away their heartbeat?
What did their families do
to deserve such misery?

It is a pity, what the world
has grown into, it’s a shame
how little we can do to help,
except hold one last thread of hope.

So, here’s our hopes for Beirut.
Here’s our good wishes to Baghdad.
Here’s our prayers for Paris.
Here’s our longing for peace.

By Disha Ahluwalia


Disha Ahluwalia is a sixteen year old Indian writer settled in the Middle East. Her heart has a wild case of wanderlust and she wants to travel all seven continents to take pictures of the sunset. When she’s not busy procrastinating over cat videos or overrated TV shows, she can be found in the nook of her room spilling out ink. She has been writer for as long as she can remember and has previously been published in literary journals like Germ Magazine. More of her work can be found here:

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