stained glass windows By K. Valerie

stained glass windows

I am relearning myself
the squishiness of my earlobes
the movement of my cheek as
I rest my head on my palm
I am learning to stare at myself
in the mirror and think
“that’s me” and not want to
starve myself for the next
week or three. I am learning
to look down at my body
and feel the skin under my
chin press against my collarbone
and decide not to feel
disgusted. my body is a
temple; it’s time I learned
how to worship.

By K. Valerie


K. Valerie is an undergraduate working on graduating in three years with a double major in biology and economics and a minor in political science. Despite this, she still has some free time and while it lasts she takes naps, plays violin, and argues with politicians on TV. She writes poetry to help her figure out what her truth is.

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