Queering the Devil By Alex Lenkei

Queering the Devil

I have a theory
that Lucifer
being kicked out of heaven
is no different than a father
who kicks out his son
because he’s queer.
That his rebellion is really
a shout for equality,
and his war against God
is a Pride Parade gone wrong.
That in his wrath,
God made pride and lust a sin,
banned respect
and dignity
and all but one kind of desire.
That God knew what he was doing
when he called his son the “Devil”
because blaming the victim for their abuse
is the oldest trick in the book.

I have a theory
that losing your wings
is like losing your straightness—
first you fall, and then you rise.

When Lucifer fell from heaven,
he didn’t know that being abandoned
was the best thing for him,
that he could rebuild his pride on earth
into a cathedral of queer desire.

He didn’t know that when
God made pride a sin
we would take it back.

By Alex Lenkei


Alex Lenkei is a graduate of American University in Washington, DC, with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature. His work has been published in Words Dance Publishing, Vagabond City, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Sun & Sandstone. His writing emphasizes themes of language, silence, solitude, and human connection. He also collects typewriters. More of his work can be found at typewriterdaily.tumblr.com

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