here, it is normal to murder for power,
for homeland and religion.
children are taken
from this world, children who
mistook fighting jets for shooting stars,
the little girl who had big dreams
even if it was just finding a way
to survive tomorrow.
when war was declared in 1914 men
hurled hates into the air,
patted each other on the back,
believed in fighting.
believed in hunting. drank to it.
but death is never a celebration.
it is not the answer, either.
earth, we have poked and prodded
at you, we have struck
missiles at your ears
and crashed rockets into your hips.
sun, it’s okay if you flinch and
crawl back beneath the horizon
before rising,
it’s okay if you can’t decide
if we are worthy of your light.
humanity is not currently worthy
of the miracle that you are,
but god,
we could be.

By Jessica Therese


Jessica Therese is a twenty one year old musician and writer from Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying a degree in clarinet performance. She wants to visit Iceland and plant a field of poppies in her backyard. She only wears odd socks. In the future she wants to pursue a career in music journalism and as an orchestral musician. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Words Dance, Thistle Magazine, Germ Magazine, Letters from Bummer Press, Degenerates: Voices for Peace, and others. Read more of her writing at contramonte.tumblr.com

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