They Call Them Candidates By Vince O’Connor

They Call Them Candidates

but what I see are
generators of rage
a bilge of bile
pressing into our skin
creating stains
on the voting-booth curtains

and what I hear are
promises promoting
the triumph of a
murderous will
jacket-booted strides
on the throats
of our freedoms

and what I know is
there is no
Hippocratic oath for power
we are not real people
like corporations
and the pressure of dissolving faith
is crushing us all

By Vince O’Connor


Vince O’Connor has been a published writer since fourth grade, when his poem about protozoa was first published. Over the years he has published poetry in various print and online publications, has a play, “Nearly Departed,” published by Players Press, and written articles for magazines . He can be found at

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