Playing Chicken By Schuyler Peck

Playing Chicken

I have never fallen gently
into love.
I play chicken with the subway train.
I stare back at the conductor from the tracks,
my feet on the cold gravel,
the electric currents sparking
like a last breath.

I have never fallen gently
into love.
I crash desperately,
recklessly, into it,
waiting for the other
to flinch first.

By Schuyler Peck


After the better days of tie-dye and moon shoes, Schuyler Peck came into writing; scribbling crooked words on crooked paper. While an ashamed native of the New Jersey coast, Schuyler now studies English in Idaho, hoping her publishing pipe-dream is enough to cover the cab fare. Her work has been featured in JuxtaProse Magazine, Literary Sexts Vol 2, Words Dance Magazine, and Persephone’s Daughters Magazine. She loves you. /

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