A Man With A Box By Debbie Anne

A Man With A Box

All the words he gave to her
he kept in a box called lies

All the love he professed to her
he kept in a box called lust

All the time he spent with her
He kept in a box called secrets

All the music he played for her
He kept in a box called emotion

All the pictures he took of her
He kept in a box called in case of emergency

All the positions he put her in
He kept in a box called power

All the respect he denied her
He kept in a box called price tags

And all of this
She keeps in a box called freedom

By Debbie Anne


Debbie Anne lives in Northern California and works as a psychiatric social worker.  She teaches yoga to people finding their way with mental illness and believes in the power of bearing witness.  She is profoundly grateful for those that allow her to hold space while they navigate this life.

She is a deeply sensitive soul with an outspoken, rebellious heart.  She spends her free time writing, wandering among the trees and along the coast of the pacific ocean, practicing and teaching yoga, loving, playing, and nursing and nurturing the belief that the universe sings her name to the heavens, just because.  She believes Divinity lives within each of us, no matter what our lives may look like on the outside.

Debbie Anne is obsessed with the belief that we can live passionate and meaningful lives if we choose.  It took her decades to discover this truth. She doesn’t want you to be like her. There is only Now.

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