Fearfully and Wonderfully Made By Danielle J. Alexander

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I stood there speechless
Floundering for words
of truth and redemption

Your offering of small white parchment
(Salvation in your eyes
And weapon in mine)
Burned the word in my mind
Over and over.

I tried to speak up (I swear I did)
I told you that I knew Jesus;
I believed the gospel’s message of love
As my savior died on a cross for me.

Suspicion glinted cold in your eyes
And you quickly retreated
But the words I should have said
Are still stuck in my throat
Choking me now
As my fear had then.

I am queer
And while you see me as dirty
My God sees me with love
Glad to see me smile
For finally being
Who He made me to be

I AM queer
And I know love
Far greater than you can imagine
More powerful than all the hate
That you wield so readily
In a weapon disguised as faith

And I grow less fearful to say these words

With each passing day
As I learn that
No words from you
Could ever hurt me

As much as my own silence

By Danielle J. Alexander


Danielle J. Alexander is currently attending college in Asheville, North Carolina where she studies humanity through the lenses of political science and sociology. She recently stumbled onto poetry and is attempting to write her way out of the abyss that is emotion. You can find her on Tumblr under the url alexander-the-poet.

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