I Am He Who Lives By Angelique Evelyn Langlois

I Am He Who Lives

jesus is a starving artist
in a torrid love affair
with heroin; his brushes
never brushing the surface
of the talent bestowed upon him,
and he says: i see the future,
on a canvas and blank paper-

jesus is a model
and he feels like he’s wasting
his time, wasting away,
but they call him beautiful,
tell him of his miracles,
and for a moment he believes that
he might be worth looking at.

jesus is a nurse
and he tells someone to
pushpushpush because he knows
that it hurts to be born, but
it hurts more to give birth,
and his hands are stained;
they are always stained.

jesus is a prostitute
selling pieces of himself
to anyone looking to find heaven;
his knees are sore, his head
a mess, but he thinks:
they are lost, and my body
is the safest path home.

jesus is a single father
but his children call him god
because he would split the sea
and break every known rule
if only to keep them fed;
he wonders if that is truly holy
or if it is only bread.

By Angelique Evelyn Langlois


Angelique Evelyn Langlois is a literature student and writer from Canada who has fallen helplessly in love with words and the sea. She likes writing about things that hurt and dreams of a life in which she lives by the ocean, writing books and being happy. You can find more of her work at www.inkstayned.tumblr.com

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