Secondhand Lineage By H. Yenna Kim

Secondhand Lineage

I still can’t look at an airplane
without wishing i was on it

in another country, i am
raking dulcet rice
from sundered peninsula

in this one, you sterilize
a millennium in me,

and my father rejects polarity

his callouses once kissed
the vertebrae
of every high-rise building

he says, chin up warrior,
we birthed this city

hold a matchstick between
your teeth

i am his asian girl dressed
in pornographic slang

i hold a machete to your warfare,
you part me like the jindo sea

to you, i am yellow fever
parasitic suckle
at your motherland’s breast

you reduce my name to flight

By H. Yenna Kim


H. Yenna Kim is 16, queer, and uses both she and they pronouns. They write as a method of coping and hope to publish a book of poetry one day.


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