NUCLEAR WINTER By Sophia Anderson


we were raised by the desperate sound
of the dead singing songs to the lonely.
running around snow covered streets
all aglow.
take what’s left of your youth
set it on fire.

the fractured unbelief of a hollow body
lying to the world beneath a sky that has shattered itself whole.
in this world that is tired of drowning alone
all monsters are innocent ruins.
so take your burning body
throw it off the balcony.

cinematic empathy playing devil’s advocate to the masses
while my little sister shivers on the fire escape
and weeps for all we won’t become.
so my darling, my winter starved wolf
take a knife to your longing
swallow it whole.

By Sophia Anderson


Sophia Anderson is a high school poet living on the west coast of Canada. She is 16 years old, an avid reader and in love with the sea and the stars. She draws inspiration from personal experience, dreams and her surroundings. She can be found at where she posts the majority of her written works.

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