SCARS By Amanda M. Wertz


This poem is dedicated any person that has tried to hide their pain in one way or another. Just remember, no matter what they tell you, you are not alone.

So much anger
So much hurt
Bottled up from my past.
Used to cut myself to relieve my pain
Now I pray.
At times I don’t know what to say
Just depends on the day.
Waking up each morning
Just to see the scars on my body.
Each one tells a story.
I tried to hide my scars from others
but an angel in prison kissed them.
She told me I have a new life to begin
A life of happiness, joy and peace.
A new life for both my family and myself.
While the scars are still there
I have a story to share
to help someone else.
Out with the old in with the new.
God wins.

By Amanda M. Wertz


Survivor of lots of shit and published poet

Lancaster, Pa.

One thought on “SCARS By Amanda M. Wertz

  1. Truly a heart felt poem I know a few people that live with scars and pain maybe this will share some light for them,thank you for writing this poem.

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