Love Poem, Archived By Emma Bleker

Love Poem, Archived

I write my best poems
about your hands.

I cannot find many other ways
to say “gentle.” There are
no better ways to say “gentle.”
Every time, it looks like the way
honey does in the sun,
or like Amber does in the hands
of someone who loves history books
like bedrooms love company.
It all looks like cold toes in bed
and leaving myself open
without the worry that I will
wake to find myself taken.

I write my best poems
about the kind of softness
I still do not understand,
but yearn to embody.

The kind that is like “good morning”
or being under water
just long enough to fall in love
with the air all over again.

I could write your goodness
until all earth turned parchment
and all words wanted nothing more
than to promise themselves to you.

I write my best poems
about the way good things
treat the storm, when it comes in
through the windows
and asks to be held open;

The way good things make
storms feel
like the palms of
kind hands.

By Emma Bleker


Emma Bleker is a 20 year old writer working for her English degree while attempting to live a true and convincing life. She has been published, or is forthcoming, in Electric Cereal, Cahoodaloodaling, Persephone’s Daughters, Skylark Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Additionally, she released her first collection of poetry, Here’s Hoping You Never See This, in November of 2015.

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