Phoenix By sarah kate osborn


i tried to write a poem
about a phoenix but
i didn’t know how to get past
the part where he burns.
i write more poems about
healing than i am
familiar with.
i wish i had more poems about
healing that i
learned from experience.
this is me,
trying to write a poem brighter than
the mouth it comes from.
this is me,
swallowing my self-destruction
to make words that
make sense and
make life.
i tried to write a poem
about a phoenix.
i got to the part about
ashes and did not write
the end.

By sarah kate osborn


sarah kate osborn is an amateur poet from north carolina who hates describing herself and rebels against capital letters. she is trying to toss her voice into a world already filled with noise and may have nothing meaningful to say. she has been published or is soon to be published in the rising phoenix review, words dance magazine, and persephone’s daughters. she can be found at

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