Fire By Caitlyn Siehl


did I do with all
the rage he gave me?

How much did I eat,
did I swallow?

What hell did I crawl out

What did I do with all his
flaming tongues?

I burned.
I burned.
I burned.
I burned through the
sheets until I was
clean and new
and strange,
and the fire never
followed me again
after that.

After my new name,
my new face,

my new glowing body
next to the grave that
couldn’t have me.

By Caitlyn Siehl


Caitlyn Siehl is a poet from New Jersey. She has been published in Hooligan magazine and has edited and contributed to two poetry anthologies. She has her own book of poetry, entitled “What We Buried” published in 2014. Siehl is currently a Grad Student at Rutgers University and working on a second book.

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