Ekwensu By Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo


Violence to the language
is violence to the soul
is violence to a people
is violence to their history
is violence to their future
is violence to their identity
is tangible violence

Like Ekwensu
the trickster in our cosmology, simplified
into a white God’s black devil
so chi became a white God
and chukwu became a white God
and ekwensu became evil

this is what they do to us, simplify us
fit our glory into a story
where they are the hero
flatten our hair, our noses, our tongue
whip us into conformity
then blame us for the mess they left
and the mess we have made
of the mess that they left

Sorry ekwensu
for how they destroyed your reputation
how they maligned your character
how, because they did not understand you
they decided to spread vicious lies about you
you go on being you
who cares what they say?

By  Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo


I am Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo. I am a writer, entrepreneur and scientist. I blog atwww.streetsideconvos.com

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