Questions By Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo

What does it mean
For God to never be made in your image?
Why England and Rome?
Why not Awka? Why not Nri?
Why do they not walk our own roads to find God?

Why is a woman fluent in only Igbo deemed backward?
And a man fluent in only English deemed enlightened?
Why is olive oil from Jerusalem holy?
But water from my village streams diabolical?

We who stayed back say
that we weren’t enslaved and sold
but weren’t we orphaned?
weren’t we raped?
Didn’t they steal our stories
adulterate our culture?

thus go many of my days :
pondering the contradictions within me
eating square meals of a ravaging silence
in uncivilized gulps
and hoping that one day
I will not forget how to speak

It’s all garbled now
how does one untangle?

By Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo


I am Ebelechukwu Raluchukwu Ijeoma Mogo. I am a writer, entrepreneur and scientist. I blog at

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