I AM AWAY FROM YOU By Jade Mitchell

I Am Away From You

I am away from you.

Yet I hear you speak of atoms
building up these cities between us.
How our bodies will become
nothing but strangers to one another.

I am away from you.

Yet I am still painted
in your black and blue,
still tainted in your bruise.
I am still saying

“I love you”

Beneath rain cloud and lightning storm.

I am still stuck in the dark room
of your jacket.

How it soaked your
heart clean, pristine:
something new out
of what broke you.

How it struck mine
full of fear, the hurricane still
threatening to unravel over time.

I am away from you.

I was an island compared to your
storm that you wrought, yet I am
the one still screaming with lungs
filled with water at the end of it all.

My heart does not beat
for you like it used to.
Not for me, not for those
forgotten streets where
the rain was a cascade
trying to spell out your name.

I am away from you,
learning how to hold back
the hurt I’ve bled from your mouth.

By Jade Mitchell


Jade Mitchell is a writer / poet currently residing near Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently studying at Strathclyde University and runs her own poetry society for fellow students. Her work has been featured in The Grind Journal and Words Dance Magazine, of which she is a contributing editor. Her work can be found on her blog at vagabondly.tumblr.com

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