MOTHER SAYS By Caitlyn Siehl


Oh, how that boy must have loved you.

How he moved the earth
to stand beside you.

How he moved the love
out of your nightmares
and into the sunlight.

How he dragged you out of every
room you wanted  to be in just to
show you that he could.

Mother says

Oh, how he remembered
the moment you became

Smooth like a stone
in the pocket
of the dress you wanted to drown in.

How could you have lived so loved? So loved?

By Caitlyn Siehl


Caitlyn Siehl is a poet from New Jersey. She has been published in Hooligan magazine and has edited and contributed to two poetry anthologies. She has her own book of poetry, entitled “What We Buried” published in 2014. Siehl is currently a Grad Student at Rutgers University and working on a second book.

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