Ariadne By Rishika Aggarwal


Prayer is a simple artform:

i. Invent perfection. The woman
who can do no wrong. Teach her
to fall in love, eyes wide shut.

ii. Promise her the world,
the world for her horse. Cripple
her. Love her, strings tightly

iii. You cannot live
and live up to the image
of perfection. Living
is a mistake, is the promise
of fault.

Leave her be. String up
black sails to your ship
and remember the promise
of her, the one that led you
to freedom.

iv. Never let anyone
forget that she was perfection
that the gods forced you
to give up.

By Rishika Aggarwal

Rishika Aggarwal is a 22 year old poet from India, currently studying for her Master’s degree in English Literature. She’s been reading for as long as she can remember, and dreaming of being a writer for about as long. Her work has been published, or is forthcoming, in The Rising Phoenix Review, Sapphic Swan, Vagabond City Lit, and Pankhearst’s Deranged anthology. She is also the author of the chapbook #FDD017 (Golden), which you can find here. You’ll be able to find her (and more of her work) at

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