Conversation with my Crazy By Emma Tranter

Conversation with my Crazy

Here is the choice, she says, learn
to leave her or learn to love her.

She is done being my dirty secret.
She means – I only whisper
to her in the gaps of the night
when no one else is listening.
She means – we only go out
to get lost, to find bars built
for tequila and forgetting.

She says she wasn’t made for silence.
She says I never hold her without shame.

I say – wait. I say – we got a good thing going
and she says no. She says real lovers don’t
sneak around with blood on their hands.

(and then she is done, and then she burns my body down)

By Emma Tranter


Emma Tranter is 20 years old and lives in Wales where she studies literature and spends a lot of time talking to the moon. She lives for lavender baths, fairy lights, and red velvet cake. You can find her at, where she writes about survival, sadness and the sea.’

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