Eve Is Adam Is Eve By Noah Mendez

Eve Is Adam Is Eve

Eve’s body opens its eyes wide to look surprised
or thrown off guard,
whichever will sound lustier later.
It is asked why it is scared and
the mouth does not speak the truth,
the eyes close because
body knows it is not made for staring.
Only made to be stared at.
Appraised and given off to the highest bidder.

Eve’s body is owned, once, twice, three times.

One: body is all flat with baby fat ready to mold for future use

Two: body is wiggly with curves and slick olive skin
body is fruity and drips wet and screams

Three: body is sandpapering itself to be less
soft and less edged at the same time,
to be something in between

Eve’s body walks itself into a barber shop and says
i have a case of mistaken identity
and grabs five razors.
Eve’s body shaves all its hair off,
Eve’s body is in front of a mirror and cannot find Eve.
Eve’s body renames itself Adam.

Adam is no longer Eve, no longer body,
although he exists in the same
realm as them both.
He is just a man, with eyes open wide.

By Noah Mendez


Noah Mendez is trying to find himself in the words that spill onto paper and hopes you will join him in this endeavor.


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