YOUTH By Esther Liv


a molotov cocktail and a moonlanding that never
really happened. we were never really there. it
was a trick / a stunt / an illusion. the us govt as
a magician and us too busy killing each other
to notice. a burning car and a body on fire.
we could play ludo in the fluorescent lights of
the city or get drunk in the gutter. you know
what i’d rather. NEVER HAVE I EVER as loss
of innocence. 7 minutes in heaven as the
closest we’ll ever get to god. spin the bottle
or throw it, your choice. a pack of matches and
millions of ancient bees. end your life by
crucifixion, make it matter. dark matter and
dust in your eyes. coathanger abortion in a
7-11 toilet and a hot chocolate on the way out.


esther liv is a 19 year old lesbian from denmark desperately in love with the moon. down with capitalism and capital letters, up with slam and ice cream. she has works forthcoming in words dance and transcending shadows review.

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