Real Heroes By Tommy Conley

Real Heroes 

six bowls of tiger flakes
carton empty on its side
box top dream
of a baking soda submarine
three pennies to post it
unfold bubble gum fortunes
hear confessions through the milk box
for a friend

the cereal
tastes like cardboard
a 37 cent stamp
mails out the bills
bazooka joe is stale and hard
bad pictures of lost kids
look to me
as i pour the milk

where are
skipper sam
captain kangaroo

By Tommy Conley


Tommy Conley started writing at age 46. In the third week of his first workshop, the other writers were betting he would never write anything but he did: poetry—the form of writing he disliked most. Tommy thought his poems would be romantic and humorous. He has been thankfully writing “in the dark” ever since. When he’s not writing, he’s restoring British motorcycles.

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