A STORY TOLD A MILLION TIMES By Patricia Camille Antony


the story is the same everywhere
it begins and ends
with bodies
in our streets, & in our beds.
history stolen & rewrote
by the oppressor
it begins with slaves
shackled by blood
we see it everywhere
shackles on unborn children
shackles on the fever killing us.
the streets are littered
with our inheritance
we carry more bullets
in our genealogy than names.
the roads are overflowing with
even in our college suits
& doctorate degrees
we are still beggars for hope
here,with our broken backs &
swindled culture
we have bought the key
but the locks have changed.

By Patricia Camille Antony


Patricia Camille Antony, or Camillea as she prefers to go by, is a writer of mixed heritage. She has been published in Persephone’s Daughters and Scrittura Magazine, and is the author of the chapbook Heirloom. Camillea can be found tucking love notes between the pages of her journals, or in the crevices of souls. If you are in need of some free love do stop by her Tumblr blog: maelinoe.


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