WHEN G KISSES YOU By Karese Burrows


I hope she tastes
the way I used to
bite your mouth.

Hope she knows
how much you loved
it, how it rattled your
jaw like a marching
band cymbal.

I have been everywhere
inside those lips. Left
my mark like a dog on
a fire hydrant.

If I were you, I’d never
tell her where that trap
of yours has been.

If I were you, I’d name
that trap after me.

By Karese Burrows


Karese Burrows is a 22 year old graphic artist and poet from The Bahamas. She has been published more than once by Words Dance Publishing and has works in the first issue of Penstrike Journal. You can read more of her words and the words she loves from her tumblr fluerishing.tumblr.com.

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