Fleur is available for pre-order!

Fleur is available for pre-order!

the newest addition to the rising phoenix press family is officially available for pre-order! you may now reserve a copy of Fleur, a chapbook by darsh suresh. working on this collection added infinite light to our lives and we are ecstatic to share it with the world! follow the link below for more details about reserving your copy.

pre-order Fleur by darshana suresh

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“i wish i had had this book when i developed my first crush on another girl in middle school—darshana suresh crushes heteronormative standards with Fleur, but in the tenderest way possible. a gorgeous combination of the elements of nature & the human body, suresh has written an innovative chapbook filled with vulnerable anthems specifically for girls who like girls. with lines such as “saying the words ‘i like her,’ was like saving the / library of alexandria,” and “you are a language even / the gods cannot speak,” suresh is calling love down from its place in the sky to let it know that her heart is here to stay. so buy this book: give it to a kid who may truly need it. that kid might be yourself.”

lydia havens,
author of girls invent gods

“in her powerful second poetry collection, darshana suresh allows us to witness her own incredibly raw journey of sexuality, love, loss, and finally, acceptance. suresh writes with a stunning sense of urgency; she tells a story that must be told, a story that unapologetically bleeds off the pages. the desperation, the hunger, and the overwhelming feeling of love that pervade Fleur become something tangible. she aches completely and openly, and we ache helplessly with her.

Fleur ultimately relies on suresh’s all-encompassing honesty; she navigates through the tenderness of dreams and the jagged edges of reality with a clarity that doesn’t shy away from the heartbreak of unrequited love. she gives us a love letter cluttered with the sinking feeling of not being loved in the right way, a feeling that she bravely follows through to its hollow end.

suresh leaves us with no question of anything being omitted, because she’s left it all on the page.”

emily palermo,
published poet

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