What Does It Mean to Be Love? By Rivka Yeker

What Does It Mean to Be Love?

You don’t feel your face drenched in
droplets of cold water,
until you step inside of your apartment soaking
in the sky’s sadness.
It isn’t until your face is overheating
and you’ve scratched your scalp enough
for it to burn like your cheeks amidst
anxiety attack. You can’t tell that your
body is panicking until it is screaming
at you.
You can’t tell that most things are happening
until the damage embraces your neck,
like someone strangling you or shaking you,
or yelling at you, pinching you.
You don’t feel yourself
falling for someone
until they are exiting
through the back door
leaving you with

By Rivka Yeker


Rivka Yeker lives in Chicago and is a student at DePaul University studying Media & Cinema Studies, Public Relations/Advertising, and Creative Writing and is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Hooligan Mag. While she’s not running Hooligan, slinging coffee and books, and going to school, she’s forming new theories on human connection, absorbing and critically assessing media, reading comics, and yelling poetry in front of strangers.

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