Supersymmetry By Demi Richardson


you – linger,
you – misguided violence,

you –

you – first heartbreak that shatters
your spinal column,
keeps you in bed for weeks and
cuts your hair, Samson

you – same heartbreak,
first lover that punctured you
right open

you – blue eyed, breathless, charmer
you – i need to give you up
you – don’t ask me to do
something i can’t

my fade – my
am i fading

my – run away, my –

related, i promise –

the only one i know
how to surrender to
is God.

By Demi Richardson


Demi Richardson studies writing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she currently serves as Editor in Chief of the New Growth Arts Review.  She digs long words, and is an expert at losing all of her Monopoly money.

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