un/fold By j. p. berame


let me help you
fold your sadness
into a fancy paper crane
write your past wishes there
assist its flight
give it to the wind

let me help you
fold your heartache
into a rosy paper plane
fold it out of the pinkest paper
assist its flight
offered to the hurricane

if you ever wish
to halt their ascent
let me help you still
my darling friend

as we unfold all the paper
you have ever pressed
into the origami
of your exhaustion
allow me to remind you of a vision:

you, standing in a garden
blinded by the heavy cloak
grasping, feeling your way
trying to find an open door
turn around and unshield
your eyes, look at the facade
of a kingdom standing before you

as we unravel
each fancy crane
each pink airplane
feel the creases
of these sheets of folded pulp
look at the softness left
after the storm has passed

for now, let us replace
your proud paper crowns
with a halo of flowers
some unabashed stargazers
looking up at the heavens

a king awaits
dearest daughter.

By j. p. berame

j. p. berame is a 20-something poet/photographer/producer based in Manila, Philippines. Visit her at existential-celestial.tumblr.com.

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