#NextFakeTrumpVictim By Kelsey Krempasky


Donald Trump speaks and twitter
yells out:
business God accused of taking communion
from woman
as though woman is only Holy with legs
spread and spilling his name
as though it is confession.

a woman speaks against him
and suddenly name becomes
becomes caution
becomes just another story
used to teach little girls to keep the bad things
to themselves.

the media ties mouths with threats laced
as compliments and wonders why Hillary
Clinton doesn’t smile.

woman asks for God
and Donald Trump answers.

By Kelsey Krempasky


Kelsey Krempasky is a Canadian writer currently attending the University of Manitoba. She has previously been featured in the Rising Phoenix Review and has work to be published in the next issue of the Venus Mag. She is also a staff writer for Project Consent. Other works of hers can be found on her blog: http://skippingstonehearts.tumblr.com

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