Ana By Caitlyn Siehl


Dreamed her legs melted together
Candle waxed shut
A nightmarish mermaid

Dreamed the gynecologist called her back
to ask
Who did this to you?

Can’t say it was him when
it was them

When the whole world
carried her into that ocean
and held her there with its claws

When she went back and tried
to do it herself


Dreamed her whole body washed up
on shore and stayed there, broken like
every gutted thing that didn’t deserve to be

By Caitlyn Siehl


Caitlyn Siehl is a poet from New Jersey. She is currently in the final semester of her two year graduate program, and is expected to graduate with her Masters in May, 2017. She has published two books of poetry, entitled “What We Buried” and “Crybaby,” and has co-edited two poetry collections entitled Literary Sexts Volume 1 and Literary Sexts Volume II, all through Words Dance Publishing. She enjoys spicy Jalapeno chips and being surrounded by dogs at all times.

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